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We are a group of artists who believe that DIT, meaning Do-It-Together, creates joy and unforgetable memories!

Making things instead of buying, learning new skills and sharing unique experiences with your friends and family results in relaxing and unique evenings of laughter and creativity.

We are here to help you host an exciting creative event!

You pick the project and the spot (a cosy home, your favorite coffee or community center) and an expert crafter comes to you with instructions, patience, and all needed materials and tools.

We have workshops for every age!

Release your Inner Artist! No experience necessary!


How does it work?

  • Pick a Project
  • Book online
  • Gather your loved ones on the special day
  • It's time to create!

Two Options

We offer two different types of workshops:

DIT Make & Keep Workshops: Everyone crafts together but on their own project

DIT Make & Give Workshops: A crafting party for a special person where everyone collaborates on one project 


We are SSOOO FLEXIBLE, you can't imagine! Open to all of your ideas and wishes.