Handcrafted Slippers

Make and GiveGo Green

Skill level: Intermediate

This the most awesome felting project we offer!

You might think a 5-hour project is way too long... But you'll be amazingly surprised how the time flies! Felting slippers makes you feel so deeply relaxed that you'll forget about everything! It's like a spiritual retreat! 

These lovely warm and comfy slippers will fit you like a glove! For the simple reason that you will make them on your feet! 

Let us make you travel back in time. You will discover how our foremothers were making slippers out of wool roving, straight from the sheep. 

Price includes everything you need*, for up to 10 persons.
65$ for additional participants.
You can organize the party anywhere you want** 
(*) A talented artist, instructions, smile, material, tools, and a lot more.
(**) A cosy house, a quiet bar or restaurant on slow weekdays, your office, a community center, etc. You can also select a venue in our list. 

Craft with:

Photo Karine

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