Assorted beads

Make and Give

Skill level: Beginner to advanced

Millefiori is an Italian word meaning "thousand flowers."

Millefiori Techniques were originally used by Italians for making decorative glass works. Today, millefiori is a popular art form using polymer clay.

You will create beads with intricate and fascinating designs and assemble them into a unique and elegant necklace.

We will adapt the complexity of the techniques and patterns according to your skill level.

Price includes everything you need*, for up to 10 persons.
30$ for additional participants.
You can organize the party anywhere you want** 
(*) A talented artist, instructions, smile, material, tools, and a lot more.
(**) A cosy house, a quiet bar or restaurant on slow weekdays, your office, a community center, etc. You can also select a venue in our list. 

Craft with:


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